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Our Curriculum

If a child cannot learn the way we teach, then maybe we should teach the way they will learn.”  

Ignacio Estrada.


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Pre-Formal Level

Pupils at the very early levels of development access a curriculum that enables them to develop a sense of security in the school environment, which is comprehensible and meaningful to them. The focus is to enable them to establish positive interactive relationships with others, to explore the world around them, gaining environmental control skills. All pupils will be given maximum opportunities to achieve the highest level of independence possible.

The curriculum content is taken from Routers for learning and is then tailored to create a bespoke provision for each child.

Semi –Formal Level

Pupils following our semi-formal curriculum learn best when it is related to their own experience. Some may learn through play, whereas others will learn more effectively through functional activities. Some pupils will response well to a topic-based approach.

The curriculum content is covered by the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

Formal Level

Pupils working within our formal curriculum access the range of National Curriculum subject for their Key Stage, modified in the light of their developmental level and especial educational needs.

Life skills and independence skills will also form part of the curriculum.

As the term ‘formal’ implies, there is a high level of structure, however we avoid making the formal curriculum too abstract: teachers ensure that learning is linked to practical activities, consolidated and applied in practical sessions



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